Certificate of Substantial Performance (CSP)

Our sister daily publication, Ontario Construction News, can now accept and publish Certificate of Substantial Performance (CSP) and other “notice” ads as mandated by the Ontario Construction Act.

We established the new daily publication (produced in a PDF and WordPress version) after reviewing the Construction Act regulations defining a “Construction Trade Newspaper” as:


  1. In this Regulation,

“construction trade newspaper” means a newspaper,

(a) that is published either in paper format with circulation generally throughout Ontario or in electronic format in Ontario,

(b) that is published at least daily on all days other than Saturdays and holidays,

(c) in which calls for tender on construction contracts are customarily published, and

(d) that is primarily devoted to the publication of matters of concern to the construction industry.

Previously, only one other publication could meet the definition of “construction trade newspaper”, resulting in something exceptionally rare in business — a legal monopoly. (The ads are mandated by statute/regulation, and there was only one place you could publish them).

Since the new regulations no longer require the “newspaper” to be printed on newsprint and mailed through the postal service, we set out to meet all of the definition requirements of a Construction Trade Newspaper under the Act, and developed Ontario Construction News.

And we can price our notice advertisements at rates significantly lower than those charged by the other publication. This can save you money, especially if you have ongoing requirements for these Certificate notices. As well, we can publish these notices compliantly with the Ontario Construction Act and the Legislation Act (2006) in the next business day’s edition once a proof is confirmed before deadline the day before — often within hours of submission. This saves time, and allows you to clear your holdback quickly.

To access more information and learn how to place your notices visit:


You can also download the required government forms at: