Council of the Federation presents Building Canada Up Summit in Toronto


    The Building Canada Up Summit, a one day conference, was held on August 5 in Toronto.

    The conference, presented by the Council of the Federation and hosted by Premier Kathleen Wynn, attracted about 100 stakeholders.

    In first Expert Panel presentation, titled what are the key elements in delivering successful infrastructure projects, focused on examples of successful public infrastructure projects and their role in driving economic growth.

    The second Expert Panel examined how governments can continue to use partnerships with the private sector to deliver public infrastructure. It was chaired by Janet Ecker of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance.

    The final panel, how resilient is Canada’s public infrastructure, looked at the role of infrastructure planning and investments in mitigating the impacts of severe weather events.

    Input from the conference will be compiled into a report that will inform future discussions and decisions relating to public infrastructure at the Council of the Federation.


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