CRI Council policy integration summit will explore construction waste challenges


    Ontario Construction Report staff writer

    The Construction Resources Initiatives Council (CRI) has announced an international policy interaction summit to ‘interact on building resource and waste policies, impact and solution” Nov. 17 to 19 in Ottawa and Gatineau.

    “Insight, interaction and integration will influence transformative change,” the summit’s preliminary program says.

    “The construction and building industry has long been a cornerstone of social and economical growth,” the program document says. “On the other hand, as the creation, development, operation and maintenance of our built environment requires and impacts more resources than any other sector, it also has become a major cause of our demise.

    “This, combined with the forecast the global construction sector alone will outpace the global GDP by 2025, means the need to address the core issue is greater than ever.”

    The summit will include sessions on “Celebrating creativity – where innovation starts, building resource efficiency and waste policies, and zero waste projects, products and workshops.”

    For expressions of interest or general information, contact Renee Gratton, RG Integration & Associates,, phone (613) 795-4632 or John-David Hutchison, CSV Architects,, phone (613) 564-8118 ext 156.


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