DataBid client profile: Front Page Media Group – Photo and video construction documentation services capture projects’ evolution from beginning to end

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Front Page Media offers construction documentation services – photography and videography services to capture the evolution of construction projects from beginning to end.

Company president Leon Switzer says over the years many great moments and people brought him to his current role within the industry. “After years of covering NASCAR, NHL, NCAA, concerts and world events like the Obama Inauguration, I noticed there were real-life superstars shaping our community infrastructure right in our own backyards.”

His biggest challenge initially involved getting business owners to see the value in professional documentation for their companies.

Many large construction companies should be updating the content on their websites and even more are still not engaged in social media. A single gallery of images can be used as gifts, web content, brochures, insurance, historical archives, training and so much more.”

He says through his documentation services, companies engage in recognizing employees. “It can become a very powerful experience in building an effective and connected team. I’ve been able to watch mothers and grandmothers comment on photos placed on company Facebook pages of their children working on historical projects.”

He says many larger companies understand the importance of documenting projects but every company, even the small and medium sized, can benefit from photographic evidence of their work.

Switzer says John Sweetnam, owner of CDS Building Movers, provided him with a lifetime of business knowledge and experience through their work together on several of his projects and his partner, Barb Pierce, helped focus Front Page Media and get it moving in the right direction.

The author of a book titled ‘Become a Coach Leader – One Conversation at a Time,’ Switzer says Pierce coached him and provided a path for success with several life goals and business challenges to be met.

While other photographers can take project photos, Front Page Media Group has years of NASCAR-style image promotion and PR training. Switzer’s own involvement with every project also means clients are dealing directly with the business owner.

Understanding the need to build long-term relationships, Switzer became a member of the National Capital Heavy Construction Association (NCHCA).

They have a great group of companies, and their events provide an opportunity to meet the owners in a relaxed and social setting.”

One of Front Page Media’s most recent partnerships – the Lansdowne Legacy Project – started with documenting CDS Building Movers and the largest building relocation in North America in 2012.

As part of this continuing archive we also photographed the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks’ first home game from a plane.”

Switzer made seven other aerial progress flights over the course of the project to compliment thousands of images taken on the ground.”

Aerial photography can add great value for many projects. In the case of the sprawling Lansdowne project it provided an overall view of the site and allowed people to see the project slowly building and evolving.

Switzer recently completed the Ottawa Reinforcement Project with Enbridge Gas. “A video documentary detailing of the scope of challenges involved in inserting 20 km of 24 in. gas line along residential roads will help future Enbridge crews predict challenges and serve as a great archive for their largest project in the Eastern region to date.”

Front Page Media also documented the implosion of the massive 11-storey Sir John Carling Building in Ottawa, using more than 23 cameras strategically focused on the structure to capture the detonation.

Switzer says just as constructing every project has challenges, so too can capturing its progress. “Weather is a big factor here in Ottawa for us and for construction companies. Safety is also one of the highest priorities on every project.”

Front Page Media’s team updates all safety certificates often, and photographers take project-specific training to assure they are prepared when entering a new construction zone.

Front Page Media subscribed to DataBid in 2014 to improve its service and access capabilities.

DataBid provides access to companies and the contacts bidding on construction projects. Switzer says everything is organized and can be collected through custom searches to save him time. It provides everything he is looking for in one location.

The true high point for me in my work is showing off a company’s work and its employees. Being a part of a process from start to finish and giving life to these projects is what we enjoy the most.”

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