Garfield Dunlop not support making carpentry compulsory certified trade


    Garfield Dunlop, MPP Simcoe North, said in a letter that the Carpentry Trades Board of the Ontario College of Trades(OCOT) has applied to the board of directors of the OCOT to have the trade of carpentry become a compulsory certified trade.

    If the OCOT were to foolishly approve this application, then it would basically force anyone inOntario who works with wood and a hammer to take a full apprenticeship and return to school.This means framers, trim carpenters, deck builders, forming contractors, handymen, homerenovators and many others, regardless of their experience, would need to halt what they aredoing and try to find someone who they could apprentice with.

    A move such as this would drive tradespeople out of the province, encourage more work to bedone in the underground economy and tens of thousands of good hardworking tradespeoplewould be out of a job. The OCOT does not allow the grandfathering of trade certification.

    The large carpenters unioncontributes huge sums of money to the Ontario Liberal Party and this is payback time. TheOCOT will likely expedite this application because the more people that pay into the OCOT, thelarger this useless bureaucracy becomes.

    “People across Ontario will see this become a huge election issue. The Ontario College of Tradeswill be abolished and sanity will return to the workforce if a PC majority government is elected.I have toured and consulted in Ontario with over 150 stops and now conclude that the OCOT isnothing but a tax grab to satisfy Kathleen Wynne and her union friends,” Dunlop stated.


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