Hamilton/Burlington architects recognize excellence in building permit submission and building inspections.


    Niagara Construction News staff writer
    The Hamilton Burlington Society of Architects (HBSA) has announced the recipients of the inaugural Recognition of Excellence Awards presented by the City of Hamilton Building Department.
    The two awards were presented to local architects at the annual Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) President’s Dinner on Oct. 17 at the Hamilton Club. The two awards mark excellence in building permit submission and building inspections – recognizing two critical stages of the architecture and construction industry.
    Drew Hauser, principal architect at McCallum Sather Architects Inc., received the award for Recognition of Excellence for Building Permit Submission.
    John Grguric, principal architect of Grguric Architects Incorporated, received the Award for Recognition of Excellence for Building Inspection.
    The awards were initiated by the chief building official, Ed Vanderwindt after being invited to a meeting with the HBSA shortly after he took the position at the City of Hamilton. “What transpired was a refreshingly-open discussion about the current building permit and inspection process, and practical improvements both parties could make which would be appreciated by city staff, architects, and their clients,” the HHBA announcement said. “Mr. Vanderwindt has been extremely responsive to the needs of his staff as the City of Hamilton enjoys marked growth in the number of building permit applications – hiring more staff, and looking for ways to improve the process.
    “The HBSA wants to recognize the efforts of Mr. Vanderwindt, and plan to continue meetings with city staff to make further improvements – which benefit the HBSA and city staff, and will make a positive impact on future developments in the City of Hamilton,” the news release said.
    Follow the HBSA online: hbsarchitects.com


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