How it works


    Ontario Construction Report special feature

    Planitar’s technology combines a conventional DSLR camera with a special lens and a laser scanner unit, along with software on a portable tablet.  The photographer takes wide-angle photos of each room, while simultaneously mapping and measuring the space

    to within 2.5 per cent tolerance.  The photographer will take additional high-resolution images suitable for printed information sheets and brochures as requested.

    The photographer’s data is uploaded to Planitar servers where it is processed into the integrated floor plan and 3Dvisual presentation. Standard room measurements and interior floor areas are collected, floor plans are drawn and added tools created.

    When complete, everything is posted to The Planitar cloud and clients

    receive an email with the floor plans, measurements, and links to branded or unbranded floor plans and photo tour guides, which they can then post on their own website or the MLS. The entire process spans two business days.

    The listings remain in place for the duration of the sales process. When the property is sold, Planitar can lock the listing, and provides the Realtor or property manager with the file in zipped format for future reference.

    See for a sample property guide.


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