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    Oct. 31. deadline to apply for opportunities for next three years

    Ontario Construction Report staff writer

    Infrastructure Ontario (IO) has announced it is revising its Vendor of Record (VOR) system for smaller and medium-size architectural, engineering and design contracts, and has set a one month limit ending Oct. 31 to apply to be on the relevant qualification lists.

    In a web presentation, Robert Neally, IO’s director, project services, client program delivery, said the current VoR lists “will be terminated in April 2014,” and unless consultants and service providers reapply, they will not be able to quote for future work.

    Tracie Anne Bell, IO’s director and contract management – strategic sourcing – transaction structuring, said if you do not apply to be on the VoR lists by Oct. 31, the lists will be closed to new applications, except in exceptional circumstances, where separate RFPs may be issued. This would occur, she indicated, if there isn’t enough response from the current lists or volumes increase significantly.

    The lists are defined by geography (five regions) and interest, and applicants are asked to set their priorities. Neally said performance ratings will take into account previous work with IO.

    The goal of the changes, he said, is to solve the problems associated with the current system, including “too many vendors on the existing lists” and challenges with security screening delays.  In the new system, the “master agreement as condition of placement, will enable earlier security screening,” he said.

    Finer categories will allow vendors to qualify based on their specific expertise.

    Bell said vendors will be asked to pick their priorities for geography and scope within the categories, and they will then be ranked so that a finite number of highest-ranked vendors are listed in each category.  Vendors can submit separate proposals to participate in different categories, she said.

    Random selection processes will then be used to invite responses depending on the project size.  “If you fail to respond, you could be subject to a graduated response,” with sanctions for a failure to follow-through, she said.  “We want active healthy lists, (and) we will be monitoring response rates.”

    There will also be a special category for vendors with heritage work qualifications.

    Categories include:

    Architectural services (five categories)

    Ministry work – courts (planning design and repairs);

    Justice –  OPP detachments,  detention centres, correction facilities, youth detention facilities;

    Health – including forensic laboratories;

    Commercial – New or tenant improvements of existing space, leased or owned government buildings other than those in the categories above;

    Repair – Retrofits and repairs, including roofing.

    Interior design services (two categories)

    Engineering services (10 categories), including civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, fire and safety, building sciences (building envelope), environmental and geotechnical.

    The VoR application process is conducted through Biddingo and Merx.  For more information about the process and rules, visit and view the tab “doing business with us.”


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