Infrastructure Ontario’s market update: 11 significant new projects added to AFP tally


    Ontario Construction Report staff writer


                In November, Infrastructure Ontario (IO) published a market update with an open letter from president and CEO Bert Clark. Here is Clark’s letter, with minor edits to conform with Ontario Construction Report’s style guide.

    Dear Colleagues:

    Infrastructure Ontario (IO) continues to partner with the private sector to deliver better public services and renew important public infrastructure.

    The Fall 2013 Market Update confirms the Government’s plan to proceed with 11 significant new Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) infrastructure projects and other real estate projects delivered by IO. This is in addition to projects that are currently in the planning and procurement stages.        It is estimated that these projects support over 18,000 jobs on average each year over the next seven years in construction and supply chain industries across the province.

    The infrastructure projects and real estate initiatives in this market update will make a real contribution to the Ontario economy. This means more economic opportunities for businesses — big, medium and small — and better public services for all Ontarians.

    Ontario continues to be a leading jurisdiction for AFP projects and the government of Ontario continues to demonstrate confidence in IO’s ability to deliver valuable public infrastructure assets. IO will deliver planned projects and additional new projects, particularly high-priority provincial and municipal transportation projects.

    Over the next several years, IO will play a much larger role on civil infrastructure projects in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx and other public sector partners. IO and Metrolinx intend to move forward with rapid transit projects beginning with the Eglinton

    Crosstown. On select large and complex transit projects with significant scope and risk that require

    integrated systems, such as Eglinton Crosstown, IO and Metrolinx will explore ways to enhance the AFP model to increase apprenticeships, further improve health and safety and continue to enable companies of various sizes to compete and participate in AFP projects.

    IO and Metrolinx will also collaborate on other projects such as the Sheppard East and Finch West LRT projects. IO will work with Metrolinx to determine the appropriate AFP delivery model for GO Transit parking structures and a number of grade separation projects, and also work to advance other selected transit-oriented development opportunities. IO will also work with the Ministry of Transportation to determine the appropriate AFP delivery model for the extension of Highway 427 which was announced in (the 2013 provincial budget).

    Building on the successful track record in social and civil projects, IO is also beginning to work in new sectors. This is consistent with the recommendations of the Drummond Commission and the Jobs and Prosperity Council. For example, IO will work with the Ministry of Energy and Hydro One on the Northwest Transmission Line.

    Investment in postsecondary education infrastructure is important, and based on progress on the

    Humber College and Sheridan College projects, IO will move forward in partnership with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and Seneca College to expand learning facilities using the AFP delivery model.

    IO will continue to be a leader in the development of hospital infrastructure in Ontario. As planned, projects will continue to move forward including Burlington’s Joseph Brant Hospital, Cambridge Memorial Hospital and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

    Our outlook for the future builds on recent progress. We have moved ahead on the procurement of a number of major projects including St. Michael’s Hospital. We also recently reached financial close on the Ottawa LRT Confederation Line including Highway 417. We are making excellent progress on projects under development such as Humber River Regional Hospital and the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games Athletes’ Village and major venues. We have reached completion on a number of key projects: Bridgepoint Health, Niagara Health System, Waterloo Region Courthouse and the OPP modernization project.

    IO will continue to revitalize important assets such as the urban park and waterfront trail at Ontario Place and maximize the value of assets such as the LCBO Headquarters. Also, IO will continue to implement the vision for the Seaton Lands in Durham region. New approaches to Ontario Place in Toronto and the OPG Lakeview site in Mississauga will be pursued with local partners as well as the private sector.

    As the government continues to rationalize its real estate footprint, IO will move forward with new procurements for real estate project management services as well as long-term retrofit or energy service initiatives. These opportunities represent an ongoing commitment to make the most of government real estate assets in partnership with the private sector, all the while safe-guarding the public interest.

    IO will continue to serve as a centre of excellence regarding the AFP delivery model and share information about the made-in-Ontario approach. Studies by the Conference Board of Canada suggest that IO is a leader in delivering public investment with the private sector. IO has received delegations from over 30 countries and has been sought as an expert advisor by the National Governors Association in the United States. All of this supports opportunities for Ontario-based companies to do more business in markets outside of Ontario.

    Attached is the new project status chart which includes updated information on current AFP and real estate projects. Please note that the dates, models and cost ranges indicated for each project are our best estimates and are subject to change and government approvals.

    I believe that there is significant opportunity for IO to drive innovation and demonstrate continuous improvement in partnership with you. IO remains committed to building public infrastructure and delivering better public services that are the backbone of a stronger economy.


    Bert Clark, president and CEO

    Infrastructure Ontario


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