Landscape Ontario’s Congress 2015 attracts over 10,000 experts

landscape ontario

The Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association’s Congress 2015 was held from Jan. 6 to Jan. 8 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

The show attracted more than 12,000 professionals, and featured 586 exhibitors on eight acres of floor space. Landscape construction and maintenance are the primary sectors served by Congress, as well as other green industry specialties ranging from retailing to nursery growing to landscape design.

Congress ranks as one of Canada’s Top Ten trade shows. It also is the Canadian industry’s professional development hub, offering over 30 sessions and keynotes through the Congress Conference series. Integrated Pest Management, landscape design, peer mentoring and irrigation were all topics of special conferences.

Landscape Ontario’s Awards of Excellence ceremony was held on January 6, which showcased breathtaking landscape projects. Attended by more than 600, the ceremony featured professional staging and a live band, in talk-show format.

Congress 2016 will take place from Jan. 12, 2016, to Jan. 14, 2016, at the Toronto Congress Centre.


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