Learning about industrial flat roofing


                Four-day training course provides unbiased and practical information

    Ontario Construction Report special feature

    A comprehensive hands-on industrial flat roofing course in Brampton has attracted participants from around Ontario, other provinces and the U.S. because of its unbiased and practical approach, says Cindott Inc. owner George Wilson.

    “We have them coming from all the different sectors in the roofing industry – property managers, estimators, sales representatives from various manufacturers and distributors, foremen, roofers, project managers, architects, engineers, roof consultants, inspectors and building owners’ representatives,” said Wilson, who has qualifications as a Registered Roof Observer (RRO) with the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI).

    “There’s simply nothing else like it,” he said.

    “This course will teach you about all the different roofing systems without advocating one over another and give you hands-on experience installing them. This is followed by performing proper and in some cases newer repair methods to all of today’s most popular membranes.”

    Wilson’s course teaches the design and construction of each major roofing system in detail. Participants perform hands-on applications, building different roof assemblies following standard technical specifications. “These roof assemblies are complete from the deck up on full 8 ft. by 16 ft. roof decks,” he said. “Application includes vapour retarder, proper fastening of insulation boards, cover boards, drains, vents, parapets and much more.”

    Wilson said attendees then inspect each other’s systems, carry out tests and make repairs “using today’s newest techniques.”

    The practical experience provides a rare opportunity for consultants or inspectors to actually do the work – to weld and glue, torch, cold adhere and peel and stick two-ply modified bitumen membranes.

    “We believe this is the best way to learn roofing,” Wilson said. “After the course, the attendee knows what works and what doesn’t. If their role is designing roofing, this course will make them a better designer. If their role is installing or inspecting roofing, it will make them a much better installer or inspector.”

    The course, which runs from noon Monday to noon Friday six times a year from November through March, qualifies participants for 29.5 continuing educational hours (CEHs) for RCI registration renewal, and includes a 162-page course manual.

    Course content includes:

    • The evolution to single ply membranes;
    • Roofing materials (coal tar, asphalt, and a variety of acronyms including four-ply BUR, two-ply Mod Bit, EPDM, TPO and PVC);
    • Vapour retarders;
    • Insulation;
    • Fasteners;
    • Roofing safety;
    • Corner details, vents, drains and flashings; and
    • Leak detection and repair.

    For more information, call George Wilson at (416) 606-3270, gwilson18@cogeco.ca, or Rick Pollard at (647) 527-7663.

    You can also visit www.roofingtrainingcourse.com.


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