Labourers’ Union joins alliance committed to fight College of Trades

    liuna ontario

    Labour union LiUNA in Ontario has joined the Stop the Trades Tax campaign to combat the Ontario government’s College of Trades out of frustration with its implementation.

    “We were originally supportive of the notion, in principle, of the College of Trades to be an institution that would promote skilled trades, and apprenticeship to young people and would facilitate a conversation around skilled trades,” stated Cosmo Mannella, business manager of LiUNA Ontario Provincial District Council.

    “However, the College has demonstrated that this is not what it is. It has proven itself to be a completely reckless institution that is threatening jobs, and creating barriers for those already employed in the skilled trades. Our tradespeople have succeeded through learning practical skills on the job and being forced to write an exam, after many years of skilled employment, will only create barriers for them to thrive.”

    The Stop The Trades Tax campaign was started in 2011 to stop the Ontario government from imposing a new, multi-million dollar trades tax on tradespeople and employers. The campaign has grown to 39 organizations, whose members represent more than 195,000 skilled tradespeople and more than 8,000 businesses across Ontario.

    The Liberal government opened the doors of its multi-million dollar new trades bureaucracy last spring. Ontario apprentices are journeypersons are being forced to pay membership fees to the Ontario College of Trades. Thecollege is preparing to make it even harder to work in the trades by enacting an agenda that includes broad-based compulsory certification for all Ontario trades. This means any tradespersonwill need a licence to pick up a hammer, install drywall, amongst many other things, plus will have to fork over more money every year to the government for a piece of paper in order to find work or even to keep the job they have already.

    “The Stop the Trades Tax Campaign is pleased to welcome LiUNA to our group. It has long been the view of the Stop the Trades Tax Campaign that the Ontario College of Trades is failing in its mandate by only serving the interests of a narrow group of unions and killing jobs and hurting trades people,” stated Karen Renkema, Chair of Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance and the Stop The Trades Tax campaign. “LiUNA joining our opposition to the College of Trades demonstrates the growing divide amongst labour groups on the issue of the College and the increasing opposition to this job-killing bureaucracy.”

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