Orillia and District Construction Association reaches out to industry and community with expanded opportunities and relationships


GTA Construction Report special feature

Recognizing commonalities across the broader industrial spectrum, the Orillia and District Construction Association (ODCA) is forging new relationships and creating opportunities for its members.

ODCA president Ken Johnston says the association recognized that the construction and manufacturing industries often overlap and may face similar opportunities and challenges. “We’ve developed a partnership with the Orillia Manufacturing Association (OMA) and have combined forces to offer several joint events this year. The networking opportunity for members is a great asset to different facets of both industries.”

The partnership also looked beyond its own doors to create new bridges and educational opportunities for young people. Johnston says the association has further developed its scholarship process and networking opportunities to get information to students who need to see it. “Our partnership with the OMA assisted us in supporting more than 1,500 high school students in an “Explore the Trades” event which brought together more than 35 local employers in the trades together to share information about local careers through interactive and interpersonal displays.”

Internally, he says the ODCA has been working to communicate with its members with a goal of serving them the best way possible. “We are in the process of surveying our members and planning some strategic development in the fall.”

Johnston says ODCA’s focus has always been to inform members of any new building code updates, local projects and development opportunities for training. He says the association is continually look for new and innovative ways to promote members and their services with the goal of helping them secure new opportunities. “This year we were able to bring together key staff from the City of Orillia and members of our organization to discuss upcoming municipal projects for the year ahead.”

“We are always watching the local forecast, and how greater geographic areas, exchange rates, and industries can affect the construction industry in Orillia,” he said. “The development of large areas such as the new Orillia industrial parks, recreation areas and commercial development will be a benefit to all local members of the ODCA.”

Johnston says the collaboration between members, and now the new expanded partnership, is one of the ODCA’s key strengths. “Our members are not only dedicated to supporting other members, but they also regularly come together to support the community through skilled trade scholarships, donations to local organizations and support to students entering the trades.”

For more information, visit www.orilliaconstruction.ca.


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