Publishers Viewpoint March 2024 by Chase


By Chase

With the warm weather and sun slowly starting to return, the ramp up for a busy Summer season of construction is in the works across the province including the dreaded but necessary road construction along with the delays they bring to the daily commute. What projects are you working on this Spring and Summer?

For my family, the big project for the year in having a new 10 x 10 deck and a 26-foot ramp installed for my daughter who starts school in the Fall at the front of our house. A necessity to help get her out the house and on to the bus, as she is starting to get too heavy to carry in and out.

The ramp will provide her the freedom to go in and out as she wants and will accommodate her wheelchair or walker as she continues to grow. First quote has come in with a bit of sticker shock on the price, so now we are just waiting for the remaining two submissions before we greenlight the best overall bid to start in the next two months.

The last time I had an 8 x 12 deck built 20 years ago the cost was just over $1,000. This one will be a lot more. For my part of the project, I will be busy with all the site prep, removal of concrete steps, dismantling the existing retaining wall, removing patio stones and then finally transplanting some shrubs.

What projects are your company wrapping up or starting this summer? We could feature the project in our daily newspaper if you want to submit a few photos from the groundbreaking or after substantial completion and include some details on where the project was located, when it started or completed and who were some of the companies who worked on the project. With those details we will run a news article at no cost for you. For any additional questions or to submit your project for coverage email me or call (905) 341-8686.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the Ontario Construction Report, the digital newspaper Ontario Construction News as well as several US magazines/


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