Publishers Viewpoint Oct 2023 By Chase


By Chase

Associate Publisher, Ontario Construction Report

How do you deal with a client who presents you their objections and concerns that you can easily address and still lose out on the business? Recently I dealt with a CSP client who had gotten pressure from their owner about switching to our service because they had dealt with another provider in the past.

I asked the client the following questions and their responses were the same as in the past I received as I have dealt with similar clients. I asked when you email the provider when do you hear back? The answer was usually within two days or always after the order was published. I noted our response time is less than two hours average from order being submitted to a proof of how it will appear in the newspaper being generated.

I asked if they provided the option to review and approve the CSP orders before publishing? The answer was No, I then pointed out they had found an error in the review process and corrected the problem before being posted. I even explained that if their owner or client came back a few days after publishing saying there was a mistake we will republish for no additional cost. Note clients can also elect to have our admin manager review and approve orders on their behalf as well.

At this point of the call, I asked the client what other concerns were shared and they talked price, however we are already less expensive than the advertised rate. I also mentioned that the client and up to five other staff members can each get a free subscription to the daily newspaper we publish as well, saving even more money.

I reinsure the customer of our track record since our launch in 2019 and the over 6,000 certificates and notices we have posted to date. I highlight you do not need to sign a contract or prepay ever and also mention we provide free editorial coverage of their projects and company news at no extra cost. The customer came back two days later with their next order, the account was retained.

Do you need to publish a CSP ad or other required notices? Still on the fence about test driving the best service available, you can publish your first ad for free as long as your company has never published with us before?

Email me to get started and mention VIEWPOINTFREE PROMO to get started.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the Ontario Construction Report and Ottawa Construction News, our daily digital newspaper Ontario Construction News, Canadian Design & Construction Report national weekly newsletter as well as several US markets such as California, New York, Florida, North Carolina and Chicago.


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