RMCAO to facilitate concrete paving specifications


    The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario(RMCAO) is developing a program to facilitate concrete paving specifications.

    The rules of the road are changing for Ontario’s ready mix concrete industry, notably because concrete paving costs are now comparable to asphalt at installation, adding even more weight to the durable material’s proven long-term maintenance savings.

    RMCAO wants to develop aprogram facilitating concrete paving specifications because many ownersand engineers aren’t familiar with concrete pavementspecifications. When the projects are approved, ready-mixtrucks often encounter outdated load restrictions toaccess job sites.

    “We’re introducing a new Pavement Design Assistance Program (PDAP) that will provide municipal and consulting engineers with the technical assistance neededto have available concrete designs based on project-specific criteria,” said Tom Bellis, RMCAO’s marketing and communications director.


    The Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTO) has awarded the 11 most recent “alternative bids” for concrete pavement since the government opened the door to distinctive and alternative concrete pavement bidding specifications, Bellis said.

    In addition, the RMCAO is also reviewing and advocating for changes in current heavy load regulations that severely restrict the ability of ready-mix operators to deliver concrete at certain times of the year.


    Pat Solomon, chair of RMCAO’s transportation committee, said the seasonal load restrictions intended to protect asphalt roads from damage during the freeze/thaw cycle may be excessively stringent,especially in light of technologies and monitoring systems that make it safer for ready-mix trucks to traverse roads with heavier loads.

    The original version of this story appeared in Ontario Construction Report – October Issue.


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