Special feature: Top 10 interior systems contractors and suppliers/manufacturers

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This top 10 list of Ontario interior systems contractors and suppliers/manfacturers is based on a selection process evaluating each company’s quality work, customer service, and employment excellence. Effectively, we evaluated each business both in detail and as a whole, to come up with our selections.

The companies on this list are identified alphabetically because choosing just one winner would be impossible.

4 Star Drywall (99) Ltd.

4 Star Drywall has experience in residential, and commercial, and institutional settings. The company specializes not only on putting a finishing touch on interior spaces, but also noise reduction solutions, insulating, framing, and more. 4 Star’s workmanship, timeliness, and service have earned it a solid reputation for drywall contracting expertise.

Durabond Products Ltd.

Durabond manufactures construction materials that stand the test of time and heavy use. Durabond’s products are manufactured for specific outdoor uses, to exacting specifications for matching or transitioning with other materials. Durabond pairs its outstanding materials and coatings with dedicated customer service to help select the perfect and most economical materials for clients’ projects.

The company’s continued growth is evidence of its continuing mission to provide beautiful and durable exteriors for the construction industry.

Four Seasons Drywall Systems

Four Seasons quickly and expertly installs, repairs, and paints drywall and other wall surfaces. When a job is done by seasoned professionals like those at Four Seasons, wall seams, dents and other imperfections tions are covered completely, leaving only smooth, beautiful finishes. Four Seasons takes pride in the beauty it creates on each project, big or small.

Inflector Environmental Services

Inflector Environmental Services removes hazardous waste, and handles mould and lead remediation and asbestos abatement on building and work sites. The company is growing
at lightening speed as a reputation for safety and dependability spreads, based on personnel training and expert handling as well as innovation in technique and equipment. Inflector began as a small company, but has a bright future thanks to strong leadership
based on vision and teamwork.

Lido Wall Systems

Lido designs, repairs, and refinishes exterior walls for increased beauty, energy efficiency, and durability. Wall systems are manufactured and assembled at Lido’s plant in Concord,
making unique and individual solutions possible for its clients. Lido’s Exterior Insulation Finishing System can save substantial time on construction projects, while improving flexibility of design. Lido’s experience spans four decades, built on customer satisfaction and quality work.

Marel Contractors

Marel is a family-owned and operated drywall contractor that strives to put people first. Its customer service and safety records reflect a culture built on community values throughout
its 65 years of business. Marel takes pride in its commitment to quality work on time and within budget. Marel is the largest drywall contractor in Canada, employing over 700 skilled workers.

MTE Consultants Inc.

MTE is an employee-owned company that provides services for the construction industry, from the design phase through to building. Through civil, structural, and engineering
professionals, MTE advises clients to resolve barriers to project completion. MTE serves both public and private sector clients of all sizes, on site remediation and construction jobs from municipal infrastructure to residential buildings and subdivisionlots.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning provides insulation and roofing supplies for residential and commercial buildings, plus tools and resources to simplify the job. Owens Corning is an innovator in
fibreglass technology, constantly pushing boundaries of its use in insulation, roofing and for many other uses. The company has four Canadian plants, and is known globally for its energy-saving products.

PJ Daly Contracting

Founded in 1953, PJ Daly is a drywall contracting company that believes in quality and community. The company has contributed to many well-known buildings around Ontario. Founders Pat and Anne Daly were inducted into Hamilton Halton Construction Hall of Fame in 2006 for the company’s longstanding work in quality walls, ceilings, insulation, and asbestos removal.

Trans-Ontario Ceiling & Wall Systems

Trans-Ontario prides itself on excellence and customer satisfaction. Since the company was founded in 1980 it has built trust through its expertise in drywall, wall partitions, ceilings, and bulkheads. They also install and frame doors. Trans-Ontario takes safety seriously for all of its entirely unionized staff, believing that worker safety goes hand-in-hand with quality work.

Writer: Karen Frisa


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