The Procurment Project: Collaborating to discover and impelment improved practices


    Ontario construction report staff writers

    Ontario Construction Report is researching issues relating to procurement of architectural, engineering and construction services. This special report includes updates about the challenges of the provincial government’s Broader Public Service Directive and the challenges design professionals have discovered in seeking support for Quality Based Selection (QBS) instead of lowest-price-wins-the-job.

    Industry associations have joined forces through the Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAC) and the Procurement Project, a mutli-disciplined initiative to bring the vendors and purchasers of architectural, engineering and construction services together to find better solutions and more effective procurement practices.

    The website says that a joint committee of construction, design and procurement professionals have been meeting regularly to review the successes and initiatives of the Procurement Project, of which Procurement Day is just one. “Priority is now turning to planning Procurement Day, 2013. The event will be held on Monday, Oct. 21, 2013 at the Kingsbridge Conference Centre.”

    A review of many of the concerns expressed at the inaugural event showed a common theme revolving around the managing of risk, the website says. “With this in mind, the committee co-chaired by Steve Dyke of Infrastructure Ontario and Saskia Martini-Wong of Consulting Engineers Ontario, is building an agenda that will further explore the notion of risk. The goal, as is the purpose of the Procurement Project, is to facilitate candid discussion of risk issues being faced by all sides of the procurement equation and seek common ground while identifying mutually satisfactory ways to address the noted concerns.”

    The Procurement Project will also be conducting a survey of construction, design and procurement professionals to gather data on issues and challenges being faced in the process of procuring construction services, the website says. The survey results will be released and discussed during Procurement Day 2013.

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