Tony Dean introduces himself with new website for OCOT review


    Ontario Construction Report staff writer

                The provincial government has established a website for Tony Dean’s review of the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT).

                Here is Dean’s introductory statement at

    On April 8, 2013, the Ontario College of Trades opened its doors to its members as an independent, industry-driven self-regulatory college.

    The creation of the College was an important development for the trades, tradespeople and the people who hire them. A key objective was to give people who work in the skilled trades decision-making power for the issues that matter to them.

    What is being reviewed?

    Acting impartially and independently from both the Government of Ontario and the College, I have been asked to review specific aspects of the College’s activities as it moves into its second year. This involves:

    • Clarifying and improving the manner in which the College makes decisions on issues related to scopes of practice for trades and how these scopes of practice support the goals of the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act(OCTAA) that established the College.
    • Reviewing the process and criteria for the classification or reclassification of trades as compulsory or voluntary.

    In each of these areas, I have been asked to provide the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) with analysis, advice and recommendations, and to do this work in consultation with the College.

    I will be guided by knowledge of the College’s duty to serve and protect the public and its objects and functions under .

    It is a privilege to lead this review and I have been given twelve months to complete this task.

    Here are some principles that I consider important in guiding my work:

    The review will be:

    • Independent
    • Policy based: it will identify challenges and opportunities and look for solutions
    • Informed by research and evidence
    • Open and Transparent
    • Engaging: It will tap the knowledge and experience of industry stakeholders, and members of the College, including apprentices and journeypersons.
    • The process will be iterative. Ideas will be tested as we proceed. There should be no surprises.

    How you can help?

    I look forward to hearing from and talking to the organizations and individuals who have ideas and proposals on the areas encompassed by my terms of reference.

    I will make every effort to ensure that anyone who wants to participate and contribute to my review will have the opportunity to do so.

    Information about the progress of the review will be shared with you on this web-site. I encourage you to revisit this site for updates.

    What Happens Next?

    • First I want to learn more about the College and the issues we will be examining under the terms of reference;
    • I have assembled a small team of policy experts drawn from the public service and the College of Trades to support the review. This team will be led by Samantha Anderson who has extensive experience in the public service, at  and at the College of Trades. Samantha will work very closely with me in managing the review;
    • We will design a process for engaging College stakeholders. A series of questions will be developed based on my Terms of Reference, which will be available in several weeks. I hope this write-in phase will be launched before year-end, and it will continue into the early part of 2015 – there will be sufficient time to provide responses (7-8 weeks).
    • Beyond the written phase I will be interested in meeting with stakeholders who wish to speak directly about the key points in their written advice, providing that this is responsive to my Terms of Reference.
    • The period of hearing from stakeholders will be completed by Spring 2015. This will be followed by a period of evaluation and research focused on opportunities to improve college policies, guidelines, regulations and decision-making processes in the areas outlined in my terms of reference.
    • The final phase of the review, the work on drafting the report and recommendations, will start in mid-2015.

    With your help, my review will ensure that the College continues to provides leadership for the trades and apprenticeship — balancing the needs of employers, employees, apprentices, the economy and the public.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you during the following months.
    Tony Dean


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