Transportation infrastructure industry recognizes Norjohn Contracting and Paving for green construction practices


    Ontario Construction Report staff writer

    The Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA), in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA), has announced Norjohn Contracting and Paving Limited has won the 2014 ORBA Green Leadership and Sustainability Award.

    The award was established in 2010 to recognize environmental leadership and sustainability measures in Ontario’s transportation infrastructure construction. It recognizes contractors who go beyond the scope of requirement on a specific project or develop or adopt innovative ways and means of carrying out business activities for environmental protection and sustainability, an ORBA news release says. “The award can recognize new products, innovations in equipment, best management practices, and adoption of construction means and methods that are aligned with sustainability objectives,” the announcement said.

    “In their submission, Norjohn Contracting and Paving Limited demonstrated environmental stewardship and innovative thinking as an approach to sustainable and environmentally conscious construction and corporate practices,” said ORBA executive director Geoff Wilkinson.

    “The Ontario Good Roads Association would also like to congratulate Norjohn on receiving this prestigious award,” said OGRA executive director Joe Tiernay. “It is this kind of innovative thinking that makes Ontario’s roads the safest in North America while protecting our environment,” he said.

    The 2014 award recognizes the contractor’s work in Haldimand Country where it used alternatives to traditional paving methods to reduce the amount of energy and resources consumed during granular conversion and road resurfacing, while achieving an equivalent strength and improved seal over the traditional method.

    The work involved the conversion of 139,000 sq. m. of gravel roads to hard surface and using cold recycled mix for over 75,000 sq. m. of road resurfacing. Norjohn developed and placed an innovative cold-in place recycled asphalt mix, using recycled materials in place of traditional virgin aggregate for resurfacing, delivering a cleaner and more enjoyable ride for motorists and an upfront cost savings to the municipality.

    By placing its alternative cold recycle mix and bonded wearing course product, Norjohn achieved a 95 per cent decrease in use of virgin aggregate, and a 17 per cent decrease in asphalt emulsion. Energy savings amounted to the equivalent to 200,000 litres of gasoline or one year of electricity consumption for 221 Ontario homes.
    Honourable mention recognition for achievement in environmental leadership and sustainable best measures has also been extended to ORBA members Miller Paving Limited and Capital Paving Inc.

    • Miller Paving Limited has been recognized for its ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and continuous improvement in its operations. Miller’s 2014 submission involved the implementation of technological advancements at its Patterson, Carden and MRT quarries. These measures, including an air classifier at Patterson, a cyclone washing plant at Carden and elimination of the use of hydrated lime at MRT, reduced energy and water consumption, increased efficiencies in product manufacturing and improved workplace safety.
    • Capital Paving Inc. received a honourable mention for its work to reconstitute 230,000 tonnes of stockpiled fill material that was made available to the contract by the City of Guelph. The reconstituted material was used for SSM on the Lair Road Interchange, a joint contract of the Ministry of Transportation and the City of Guelph. Through the efforts of the City of Guelph, the MTO and Capital Paving, the submission stands as an example of the ‘beneficial reuse’ approach to soil materials management, and how it can be achieved with the support of the local community.

    “All three initiatives are examples of commitment to the objectives of the Green Leadership Award program, and also serve as examples of effective collaboration between owners and constructors working together in the spirit of environmental sustainability,” Wilkinson said.
    The 2014 award winners will be recognized at ORBA’s 2015 convention.


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