Win-Door North America to be heldin Torontoin November


    Win-Door North America to be heldin Torontoin November

    Win-Door North America 2013 exhibition will be held from November 12 through November 14 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

    Win-Door North America, hosted by Fenestration Canada, is a one-stop shop for the window and door manufacturing industry.

    According to show chair Matt Kottke the show focuses on exhibitors and attendees representing window and door manufacturers and suppliers.

    “This is a chance for the exhibitors to introduce new products and technologies,”he said. “Win-Door is a powerful and very specific tool for theindustry. We expect between 2,600 and 3,000 attendees, the entire Canadianindustry. Visitors will be able to take advantage of a great lineup oftimely topics as part of our educational components and seminars, includingthe always popular financial forecast and analysis, as well code updatesand technical presentations.”

    Fenestration Canada’s President Skip MacLean said that the association has been presenting seminars for door hangersthroughout Ontario (the code has been adopted in the province and compliancerequirements take effect in January). “We’ve sold out in Ottawa,London and Toronto,” he added.


    “There is a lot of interest and a significant amount of misinformationregarding the upcoming code changes. Building codes are complex, settingout many variables and conditions related to the performance of windowsand doors. The changes create both challenges and opportunities for fabricatorsand component suppliers.”


    Changes to the Ontario Building Code and NAFS-08 (North AmericanFenestration Standard), will impact window and door fabricators, sellersand renovators across the province, so MacLean said, this update and recapat Win-Door will likely be a big draw.

    Manufacturers will also use theevent to introduce several new products to address the problems and challengescreated by the new codes.

    The original version of this story appeared in Ontario Construction Report – October Issue.


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