Wood solutions in mid-size construction: WoodWorks provides answers

    Wood solutions in mid-size construction: WoodWorks provides answers

    Special to Ontario Construction Report

                For more than a decade, Ontario WoodWORKS has been working diligently behind the scenes to advance the use of wood and wood products in commercial, institutional, and industrial construction projects by providing free technical guidance to design-build professionals. How? By connecting practitioners with wood industry suppliers and information, and by delivering presentations and educational opportunities to municipal and building officials, architects, engineers, builders, developers, and students.

                Ultimately, through educational outreach and technical support, WoodWORKS seeks to establish a wood “culture,” where wood is recognized as a sustainable and economical building material used for all types of construction.

                Team members report that the technical wood information WoodWORKS provides has a direct, positive impact on some projects, leading to wood use in applications where it might not have otherwise been used if the technical question had not been resolved satisfactorily.

                By answering technical calls and disseminating the information the group has from sources like the CWC and FP Innovations, WoodWORKS is helping practitioners increase not only their comfort and capacity for wood design, but also their consideration of environmental and socio-economic outcomes. And that translates into great news for the communities and the buildings.

                In addition to responding to questions and helping resolve wood-related issues through the technical call service, WoodWORKS also helps Ontario’s design professionals keep current with key developments in the wood industry. WoodWORKS strives to provide information proactively through regular workshops, seminars, and other educational events, including the annual Wood Solutions Fair and wood design luncheon conferences.


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