How to enhance client relationships and develop new business with media publicity


I’d like to share with you an idea that will enhance your current client relationships and build new business. It takes almost no effort and not much money (and you can quickly adapt or change the plan or cancel it if it isn’t working.)

We all know the basics of great business in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction world is from repeat and referral clients. And this idea will only work if you have some great clients that are providing both the vital repeat and referral business.

Now, how could you put this process into higher gear — and use it to attract new clients?

We work with you to generate positive publicity and tell the business or organizational success story from your clients’ perspective. The focus is on the client, not your business, though of course your contribution to the story will certainly be an important element of the writing, especially because there will be a direct or implicit testimonial of your services.

We research and write the story and both you and the client approve it before publication.

Once published, we’ll promote it on in our publications, websites and social media feeds. You can reference or reproduce the published article in your own internal materials and there’s a good probability your client will use the story as well, leveraging the publicity even more.

There’s no fee for the writing, editing, and co-ordination. The only thing you’ll pay for is an advertisement, the space for which we will more than double for the free publicity.

You can do this one time, or three or as many months as you have to share the news and promote the story.

The fees are line with our rate grid, less the special savings and extra incentives outlined in the email you have received.

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    The media guide outlines details about the publication, rates and other information. (Because of the extra work in fulfilling this program, the offer is restricted to 1/3 page or larger for one to three insertions, and 1/4 page per insertion for four or more.) 

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