Armtec/Brooklin: Addressing distinct roofing challenges


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    Armtec is one of Canada’s leading infrastructure companies providing a variety of products and services through its 43 locations across the nation. The Armtec/Brooklin division specializes in roof ballast solutions for both the Canadian and U.S. markets.

    Brad Forder, sales representative, special projects, precast concrete solutions, Central Canada, says over its history Armtec/Brooklin has continued to invest, test and create new products to better serve the industry by addressing specific concerns and needs in the roofing industry.

    The company, for instance, has developed its Ballast-Lok concrete roof slabs as a solution to the growing concern about wind uplift, driven by increasingly erratic weather patterns. “Combined with our high performance polyethylene clips and pedestals, these roof slabs provide superior wind uplift resistance and protection for membrane roofing systems.”

    Armtec/Brooklin’s website says these roof slabs have “been proven to withstand wind uplift pressure of 180psf (8.6Kpa), using the experimental safety factor of 1.5 as per the CSA A 123.21-10 dynamic wind test protocol” helping to reduce the fatigue wind dynamics can play on rooftop materials over time.

    Another need Armtec/Brooklin has committed to addressing is the reduced heat island effect demanded by some municipalities and specified in many projects. Forder says the company’s white solar reflective roof pavers reflect the sun’s rays away from a rooftop, reducing interior heat gain and cooling loads. “Our reflective roof pavers promote green building design and new construction practices. They support the Canada Green Building Council’s philosophy of creating energy-efficient and environmentally conscious buildings, and may contribute to LEED project certification.”

    White solar reflective roof pavers can lower a building’s overall energy costs, he says, by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the rooftop, in turn helping decrease interior heat gain and reduce cooling loads. “These pavers are available in standard matte and shotblast textured finishes, making them both functional and attractive as design features.”

    Another Armtec/Brooklin product that can meet both wind uplift and heat island requirements are its roof ballast slabs. Offering the strength and beauty of stone, time and cost savings because of ease of installation and outstanding durability, Forder says this product is suitable for new construction, renovation and retrofit.

    “With options in a variety of colours, textures, patterns and sizes, our roof ballast slabs perform equally well for pedestrian and mechanical equipment applications on all kinds of facilities. They are fire and wind uplift resistant, provide excellent drainage, and are resistant to UV rays and extreme temperatures, something that is also becoming more of a concern with today’s more extreme weather conditions.”

    Armtec/Brooklin is also a Canadian distributor of Bison pedestals, says Forder. “Bison weatherproof deck pedestals are adjustable deck supports that offer simple elevated solutions that work with any surface material, including wood tiles, traditional stringer and plank decks, natural stone, composites or concrete.”

    Offering delivery to site through either boom truck or with the additional convenience of fork lift services, he says Armtec/Brooklin works with clients to ensure product arrives on time, according to required delivery timing and conveniently.

    The company is also equipped with a full team of consultants and advisors. Equipped with sample boards and multiple options for customizing thickness and colour, these advisors work with designers and building owners to meet their custom design requirements.

    As part of Armtec/Brooklin’s full service team, Forder also serves clients directly, offering onsite training in product installation to ensure a smooth process that meets product specifications. Supporting the larger industry, Foder was one of seven members of a team sourced from the green roof industry who worked with NRC (National Research Council) in Ottawa testing safe designs of vegetated roof systems. Forder says Armtec has invested in this as part of helping to develop safe standards and new CSA codes for green roofs.

    Armtec/Brooklin is an OIRCA (Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association) member. “They are a great organization who provide valuable supports, including an education program for roofers. They also set respected standards for the roofing industry that keep everyone on their game and serving the industry in the best way possible.”

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