CAWIC calls on construction industry to promote women’s advancement

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    The Canadian Association of Women in Construction (CAWIC) is actively seeking industry employers, unions and educational partners to collaborate on addressing the shortage of skilled trades in Canada by promoting the advancement of woman in leadership roles in construction.

    Earlier this month, CAWIC was awarded a grant from the Government of Canada for $249,900 through the Status of Women. The grant will fund a three-year project to conduct research and develop an action plan to improve women’s advancement into leadership roles within the construction industry.

    In order to execute this program, CAWIC is now seeking industry partners who share their vision for promoting change, breaking down barriers for women, and creating an action plan that makes economic sense both for the employer and the employee in construction.

    Industry employers, unions and construction education groups with operations in Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador have the opportunity to partner with CAWIC on this important initiative now.

    “There has never been a greater opportunity for groups across the construction industry to come together to reach the common goal of advancing the roles of women in the workplace,” said CAWIC president Tammy Evans. “We are thrilled that the Government of Canada is taking action to secure equality in the workforce for women while simultaneously addressing Canada’s skilled trades’ shortage by attracting more women to the construction field. It’s just plain smart.”


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