City of Burlington disappointed with OLT decision supporting development plan



Robin MacLennan

Ontario Construction Report staff writer

A recent Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) decision clears the way for the redevelopment of parts of the Millcroft Golf Course by the Millcroft Greens Corporation, despite the City of Burlington’s opposition.

“We are deeply disappointed with the OLT’s decision to approve the Millcroft Greens development,” said Mayor Maryanne Mead-Ward. “The project is not needed to meet our housing targets, will not provide affordable housing, and develops essential greenspace. We need more parks and open space for our growing community, not less.

“This project does not align with our community’s needs or our vision for sustainable growth.”

After extensive community consultation and evaluation, council had opposed the redevelopment at the OLT, asserting that it did not align with the needs and interests of Burlington residents.

Developer Millcroft Greens describes the development as “mindfully considering the existing character of the Millcroft neighbourhood.”

“The newly integrated residential parcels will remain architecturally consistent and complementary with the existing community.”

The OLT granted approval contingent on specific conditions to be met by Jan. 31, 2025.

The proposed development at 2155 Country Club Dr. and 4274 Dundas St. includes the construction of 90 single-family homes and 130 apartment units. While the City acknowledges the importance of addressing housing demands, this project fails to meet key aspects of Burlington’s housing strategy and community requirements.

Council’s opposition emphasized the necessity of preserving green spaces, ensuring sustainable environmental practices, and maintaining the character of existing neighbourhoods.

Concerns were also raised about increased traffic, strain on infrastructure, and potential negative impacts on local ecosystems.

A plan was originally submitted for 98 single family homes and a six-story apartment building to be constructed around the perimeter of the golf course.

Facing opposition from the community, the plan was revised in 2022, reducing the number of houses to 90 and enhancing the property around the apartment building.

Millcroft Greens filed an appeal to the OLT under a portion to the planning act that allows developers to appeal if a municipality fails to render a planning decision within 120 days of filing of the application.

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