Consulting Engineers of Ontario, Metrolinx create Joint Transit Engineering Council

CEO Metrolinx

Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) and Metrolinx are partnering toward enhancement of the design and construction of transit and transportation infrastructure across Ontario.

CEO chief executive officer Barry Steinberg and Metrolinx president and CEO, Bruce McCuaig, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing the Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO)/Metrolinx Joint Transit Engineering Council.

“This is a very exciting time for CEO, we work very closely with Metrolinx and the signing of this MOU symbolizes the strength of the relationship we have been able to forge together,” said Steinberg.  The council’s mandate  will see it serve as the forum for discussion and consultation on matters of mutual interest, specifically, Metrolinx’s delivery of its capital construction program and its regional transportation plan for the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) – the Big Move Capital Construction Program.

Issues of interest will include:

  • Procurement;
  • Specifications;
  • Contracts and documents;
  • Delivery models;
  • and, subjects of mutual interest.

In a keynote addressing CEO members and clients at the 2014 Ontario Consulting Engineering Awards, McCuaig commented: “I don’t think there are any major infrastructure policy decisions that can be taken in this province without consulting with CEO.”

CEO Metrolinx

Remarking on the workings of the Joint Council, Steinberg said: “It will be made up of members from CEO and Metrolinx leadership who have experience in engineering procurement, and contract administration policies and practices.  Metrolinx will recognize CEO as the consolidated voice of engineering companies and will support firms who pursue membership with CEO.

“Metrolinx is working to create an efficient and more effective transit and transportation system under Bruce’s leadership”, said Steinberg.  “CEO and the agency are working hand-in-hand to realize this vision.  It’s a source of real pride for me and our members.”


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