Duron leads with waterproofing solutions and specialized flooring innovations


    STAFF WRITER – The Ontario Construction Report Special Feature

    Duron has installed waterproofing solutions and specialized flooring for more than 50 years. Backed by extensive resources, competitive pricing and a team of in-house industry experts, the company supplies its undivided guarantee to projects.

    Director John Schenk says Duron began in 1959 as a concrete finishing company. Over the years, the company added complementary areas of expertise to better serve its clients including mastic traffic topping, waterproofing, roofing, and restoration of existing structures. “We also provide epoxy and epoxy terrazzo, which includes various epoxy, urethane, MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) and similar traffic topping systems.”

    He says Duron is both a manufacturer and installer of mastic traffic topping systems and is one of only two companies in Ontario who produce the product.

    Duron’s Duromastic traffic topping system has been installed on hundreds of projects in the GTA he says. “Our mastic system is unique in that it far surpasses the life expectancy of all polyurethane systems.” Mastic has unique characteristics that allow it to be installed in all temperature ranges.

    Mastic can also be repaired quickly when damaged. “The repair characteristics of mastic are preferred by many of our clients, because for instance, a repair to a parking garage entranceway can typically be done in a four-hour time frame or overnight and be followed by regular traffic one-hour after completion. This eliminates the issue of lost revenues.”

    Working in ICI, Duron is able to tackle the largest of projects. “We have installed waterproofing on the ‘largest’ of bridges in Ontario; roofing on the tallest condominium (Aura Condo Toronto); epoxy terrazzo flooring on the ‘largest’ project, namely Pearson International Airport Terminal 1.”

    Duron is also working on the Union Station Revitalization project which is “very likely the largest undertaking in Canada for restoration of any single building.”

    The Union Station Project is unique as well, in that it is the largest heat welded waterproofing system installation (CETCO Coreflex) in Canada. “We have completed the first phase of waterproofing on this project with Carillion Canada and will now be commencing the final phase of waterproofing on this project with Bondfield Construction.”

    Schenk says Duron’s concrete finishing department has installed industrial flooring on a number of 100,000 sq. m. projects, pouring and finishing on average 5,000 sq. m. per day. The company has also completed many ice rinks including the rink slab for the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre and the Toronto Maple Leafs’ training rink at the MasterCard Centre.

    Duron is also installing the Matacryl system on bridges as a complete system that receives regular snow plowing. “The system comes with a 10-year warranty and has been installed for Metrolinx, TTC, CN, CP, City of Toronto, Town of Bracebridge, Union Station Toronto and Windsor Essex Parkway among other locations. We will be installing the Matacryl Wearing Course system on the Dunn Ave Bridges in Toronto as well.”

    “Matacryl is a PUMA system which is installed on rail and vehicular bridges. It is one of the very few membranes that can be installed without the usual protection board. Railroad stone ballast can be directly installed onto this membrane followed by rail ties, rails and train traffic.”

    Duron has been recognized with many safety awards, a reflection Schenk says of the company’s high focus on safety. “In the past we have been one of the few contractors to be ISO certified. Duron at present, in order to improve on safety, is in the process of becoming a CORE certified contractor.”

    For more information about Duron, visit http://duron.ca.



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