Efficiency is ‘job one’ at Advanced Precast since 1995

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Advanced Precast Inc. is an architectural precast concrete fabrication and installation company specializing in wall panels for many industries and buildings including commercial and industrial warehouses and offices, condominiums, office towers, infrastructure buildings, tourist attractions, educational institutes, hospitals, and hotels.

Recent projects include the New Toronto Courthouse with Ellis Don and world-acclaimed architect Renzo Piano – his first-ever project in Canada.

“We are pleased and honoured to be working with such an influential figure,” said Mauro Brancaleoni, vice president. “We have been working with Renzo Piano’s architects from New York and Paris to achieve a product that will help make his first project in Canada a success.”

Another substantial project, the Hotel X at the Exhibition Centre is a high-rise chic hotel that consisted of a 30-storey tower and a five-storey sports complex. During the NHL 2020 playoffs, multiple NHL teams used the hotel as their bubble, including the Stanley Cup champions, Tampa Bay Lightning.

During COVID-19, the company has enforced physical distancing, provided PPE to all workers, and provided safer alternate work methods to avoid contact with one another.

“We are confident that our business will continue running smoothly. While we are on a possible second wave, management has taken this virus seriously and will provide a safe work environment for everyone,” Brancaleoni said.

Architectural precast offers considerable advantages, including the versatility of the aesthetic finishes and the ability to duplicate many other trades and deliver a product that fulfills the client’s wishes.

A small list of finishes and textures possible include brick patterns, stone patterns, ribbed profiles, and granite cladding.  Various colours are produced naturally through a concrete mix or staining the finished product.

Also, product can be cheaper and completed faster than the products we mimic. These benefits are incredibly crucial as many jobs have strict budgets and deadlines.

“We have taken a healthy initiative in advancing our business by looking at innovative practice methods and using technology for greater efficiency and versatility,” Brancaleoni explained. “Clients can now view the progress of their projects twenty-four hours a day digitally and track whatever detail they require for their project whenever. We believe transparency creates the most efficient projects, and we aim to achieve that goal.”


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