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Ontario Construction Report is honouring some of the many family-owned and operated construction companies and multi-generational families working in the skilled trades across the province. Families have a unique commitment and a focus on ensuring longevity for future generations.

Special Report

Beginning from a personal understanding of the importance of home security, Mark Kaine founded Force Security, a company that has grown to include commercial and home security solutions, and the talents of both a son and daughter.

“As a young person I had the experience of returning home one day on my own and finding an intruder had been in the house,” Kaine said. “That experience created an understanding of the need to protect our homes from intrusion when we are working, to provide a safe haven for pets from fire, and to safeguard against things like water damage when we are away.”

Coming into the industry at a time when home security systems were becoming more mainstream gave Kaine the opportunity to focus on solutions for everyone; solutions that were affordable, easy to use and suitable for the smallest to largest home.

While one son pursued a career in teaching, Kaine’s other son and daughter found their way to the business. With Damin now supporting the technical side of the house, and Shelby on the administrative side, the company is well grounded to continue into the future.

“A few of my seven grandchildren are beginning to take an interest so I know the company is positioned to carry forward based on the values and commitment we have in place today,” Kaine said.

As with many family businesses, Force Security has established a reputation in the community backed by the family name, a personal commitment that has developed into many long-term relationships.

“We have clients who have been with us for 30 plus years, through multiple moves. As we continue and evolve, I know the company is in good hands, will benefit from a continuity of mindset that we are group of people taking care of our customers and helping them take care of our homes and families,” he said.


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