DataBid client profile: Garaventa Lift provides, installs and services small elevators and accessibility equipment

databid client profile

Switzerland based Garaventa Lift has been a leader in the Canadian marketplace since it opened its Vancouver area manufacturing plant in 1974. The company provides, installs and services small elevators and accessibility equipment.

Residential sales consultant Bob Gogus says the company focuses on small commercial and residential projects, working closely with architects, engineers, project managers, and building and homeowners, to ensure the right product is specified for the job. “Depending on the traffic expected and the need, we have product ranging from wheelchair lifts for a school perhaps, a small elevator for a low-rise office building, or a home elevator,” he said.

Getting involved at the earliest stages, Gogus says his team can first advise on the best product for the job, and then can provide the installation to ensure optimal function and, where there is interest, ongoing service and maintenance.

While accessibility has been a growing focus in commercial and institutional builds for a long while, there is increasing residential interest with new home builders recognizing the opportunity to build with long-term functionality. For example, some builders are now designing homes with large stacking closet spaces that can later be easily converted to elevators.

Garaventa uses DataBid’s easy to use, intuitive information platform to gather information about projects as they are planned in their earliest stages.

Garaventa has manufacturing and sales, installation and service facilities in Canada, China, Italy and Switzerland. It also operates retail sales, installation and services in the U.S., Poland and the Czech Republic. For more information, visit


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