INTERNATIONAL LEAK DETECTION: Electric Field Vector Mapping provides ‘dead-on accuracy’ for reliable repairs

International leak detection

A light bulb went on in Chris Eichhorn‘s mind almost 20 years ago when on a trip to Germany.

It was on that journey that Chris met a fellow who introduced him to a new way of detecting leaks. Armed with that information, Chris introduced the dynamics of International Leak Detection (ILD) to North America with a head office currently located in Ajax, ON.

Finding leaks in structures using the conservative method is costly and time consuming. But ILD’s cutting edge technology changes all that. ILD’s Electric Field Vector Mapping
(EFVM) creates an electric field by applying water on the surface of a membrane using the water as a conductive medium. EFVM equipment delivers a low voltage, pulsating electrical
charge between the non-conductive waterproofing membrane and the conductive structural deck.

A watertight membrane isolates any potential difference, while breaches in the membrane will cause an electrical connection to occur. ILD’s certified inspectors read the directional
flow of the current with a potentiometer to locate the point of entry with dead-on accuracy.

ild image“We provide a unique service to the industry,” Chris said of the technology. “The equipment tells us exactly where the problems are. There is no guess work.”

EFVM technicians then complete the test by conducting a visual inspection of all wall junctions, perimeter details, and membrane penetrations. All breaches are numbered to
allow for repairs by onsite waterproofers and are then retested to confirm watertightness. A report follows with picture documentation of every breach and a detailed drawing noting the wire placement and breach locations.

“It is important to find even the smallest puncture, split or default since they have the potential to cause decay, interior damage, mold and wet insulation,” Chris said. “We can offer advanced technology to detect these leaks that could possibly cost an owner thousands of dollars.”

Not only does the EFVM method detect problems with pin-point accuracy, it uses very little water, which is environmentally prudent. So, rainy days don’t hinder the process. In fact,
they’re preferred since wet conditions are essential for electrical flow. EFVM can also be used to test sloped decks and vertical walls.

Any defects can be repaired and re-tested the same day. ILD does not have any affiliations to waterproofing or roofing consultants, contractors, or membrane manufacturers. “We are independent and aren’t beholden to anyone,” he said. “We provide the industry with black and white test results. Our equipment tells us what’s wrong and that’s the way we operate.”

ild image

Chris is especially proud of the training provided to EFVM technicians. ILD technicians are trained and certified in performing the EFVM test, using ILD’s proprietary training manual. ILD’s employees are accountable, professional, reliable and leaders in their field.

“We have an extensive training program for our EFVM technicians,” Chris said. “And when they’ve completed the training, they are mentored by a senior technician for three months.”

ILD gives its technicians the training and tools to maintain the company vision of remaining the number one provider of quality and troubleshooting testing of roofing, waterproofing,
and coatings through its EFVM testing method. In fact, the training program technicians undergo has established a new bar for reliability, expertise and service.

Chris considers ILD employees to be the company’s greatest assets and provides them with ongoing education in testing methods and broader professional development opportunities. Employees also have the opportunity to travel across North America with additional perks.

ILD’s projects include some of the highest profile buildings in North America such as the U.S. Library of Congress, FedEx Chicago O’Hare Airport, Vancouver Convention Centre, the Target Center, and the 49ers Football Stadium, to name a few.

“We value our team members and the important work they do, serving the needs of our customers everyday” he said, adding “when employees do well, the company does well and the clients benefit with outstanding service”.

In addition to Canada and the USA, ILD has affiliated offices in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Brazil, Slovenia and Poland.

For more information on ILD services or to book an appointment, call toll-free, 1-866-282-5325, email:, fax: 905-427-1085 or drop in to their office at
375 Finley Ave., Suite 203 in Ajax.

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