New brand: Concrete Ontario represents ready mixed industry


    The OCR Special Feature

    The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO) has rebranded the association as Concrete Ontario. “The association has grown and evolved over the last 56 years, and we felt it was time for a change,” the association said in a news release. “We have refreshed the name and logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future. The new identity satisfies all of the existing expectations of what our original mark stands for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward.” “Providing easy recall and recognition of the association, this new brand maintains a visual connection to how the association was seen before, however with an upto- date, vibrant and captivating new design, Concrete Ontario aligns with our industry’s vision, mission and goals, and communicates to target markets and stakeholders that the association represents the entire concrete industry in Ontario.”

    Other notes:
    • RMCAO will continue to remain
    the legal name of the association,
    and Concrete Ontario
    will be the association’s brand
    for all external marketing, promotion,
    and communication and
    advocacy efforts going forward.
    • All certifications will continue
    to be issued under “Ready
    Mixed Concrete Association of
    • Staff emails are not changing…
    yet. The address
    will continue to be used for


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