Next phase of TowerWise features $9 million energy efficiency models

An earlier TowerWise demonstration site (The Atmospheric Fund)

Multi-unit residential buildings with at least 40 per cent energy savings through retrofits will be highlighted in the next phase of TowerWise.

Launched by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) and several partners, the demonstration project advocates targeted upgrades that ultimately contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas. It only features existing residential structures that have been retrofitted with readily available technologies to boost their energy efficiency.

Earlier models proved that up to 30 per cent of energy savings are achievable with the installation of new condensing boilers, gas absorption heat pumps, fresh air systems, low-flow water appliances, LED lighting, in-suite heating controls and smart thermostats. Ten social housing units and 1,500 low-income households were used as demonstration sites.

In the next phase, a new technology will be integrated into four multi-home structures. Deep energy retrofits are to be installed in stacked townhouses, as well as low-rise and high-rise multifamily developments including low-income housing. More demonstration sites are to be added as more funding is secured.

Details of the next phase were revealed Dec. 14 after TAF secured funding for the $9 million project. The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) contributed $500,000, while Natural Resources Canada provided $487,700. A matching funding was also raised by TAF.

“Multi-residential buildings form the backbone of Canada’s urban housing stock – and the federal government is proud to support a project that demonstrates how we can make them energy efficient,” Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said.

Retrofit design and implementation has been scheduled to begin by 2018. Benefits of the project will be monitored using the EnerGuide performance labelling system.

An earlier TowerWise demonstration site (The Atmospheric Fund)


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