OAA and OGCA release recommended supplementary conditions for new CCDC 2-2020


Ontario Construction Report staff writer

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) have published Recommended Supplementary Conditions for the Stipulated Price Contract–CCDC 2-2020.

The document is intended for use with the latest edition of the Canadian Construction Documents Committee’s (CCDC) standard construction contract. It is available on both the OAA and the OGCA websites, along with a new Practice Tip outlining its use.

Recommended Supplementary Conditions for CCDC 2-2020 result from continuing close collaborative efforts and negotiations between the OAA and OGCA. Previously, the two associations collaborated on Recommended Supplementary Conditions for CCDC 2-2008. Some of these provisions were incorporated into the new CCDC 2-2020, which was in development for several years. OAA and OGCA agreed the existing 2008 version of the Supplementary Conditions should be reviewed and new ones developed for this 2020 version.

Discussion between the OAA’s Practice Advisory Services (PAS) and OGCA began in late 2019 after seeing a final draft of CCDC 2-2020. PAS then drafted the new document in early 2020 based on the previously written OAA/OGCA Recommended Supplementary Conditions for the Stipulated Price Contract–CCDC 2, 2008. This draft was circulated to the Practice Resource Committee (PRC) for comment and to OGCA and respective legal counsel. After several rounds of negotiation, a final draft was presented to OAA Council, receiving endorsement in September.

“I’m so pleased to see the latest results of the continued collaboration between the OAA and the OGCA,” says OAA president Susan Speigel. “These Recommended Supplementary Conditions for the newest edition of CCDC 2 will help design/construction professionals and clients working with stipulated price contracts. This work is very much in line with the OAA’s mandate to regulate the practice of architecture in protection of the public interest.”

“As general contractors, our members know that fair procurement requires collaboration across the supply chain,” OGCA president Giovanni Cautillo said in statement last Friday. “By working with our colleagues at OAA, we are able to save our members valuable time and money that would otherwise go into contract negotiation. The updates to Recommended Supplementary Conditions for the new CCDC 2-2020 are a true testament to the positive working relationship between design/construction professionals and consultants.”

It is also important to remember the suggested wording in the OAA/OGCA Recommended Supplementary Conditions for the Stipulated Price Contract is not a substitute for the involvement of legal counsel, the statement said.


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