OGCA seeks new president to replace retiring Clive Thurston

Clive Thurston
Clive Thurston

Ontario Construction Report staff writer

The Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) is seeking a replacement to its long-serving president, Clive Thurston, who will be retiring at the end of June, 2020.

The president “advances member interests for the largest association representing general contractors in Ontario and among the largest in Canada,” the recruitment advertisement says. “The position requires a leader who is passionate about construction, and who engages in people personably and proactively.”

The president leads an organization with six employees – but more importantly, represents more than 300 general contractors, who collectively do most of Ontario’s major construction work.

“This position requires an individual with gravitas and presence, with the diplomatic skills to build consensus among strong personalities. Negotiating and persuading skills are integral to the role.”

Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply by Dec. 1. OGCA office manager Mary Wademan said the successful candidate is expected to shadow Thurston for three months, so would start working in April, 2020.


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