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    Each year, more than four million Canadian workers suffer a job-related injury or illness. Injuries are frustrating to those affected and mean down time for companies. Yet many workplace injuries, such as slips and falls, can be minimized with safety-approved footwear.

    On-Site Safety Measures

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    • Use safety-approved, anti-slip footwear.
    • Take preventative measures to treat wet, slippery or cluttered walking surfaces.

    New Strides In Workwear Safety


    Mark’s Commercial is a supplier of Mark’s trusted brand names and many other recognized brands including Carhartt, Helly Hanson, IFR, Viking, Pioneer and others.

    Partnering with Canadian university research teams to develop product innovations, Mark’s aim is to reduce workplace hazards through better outfitting. Key footwear innovations include Duratoe® and X-Toe® to protect toes and feet, T-MAX® insulation, and Tarantula Antislip™ to provide grip on wet, greasy or icy surfaces.

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    Safety is Everybody’s Business

    Worksite safety is never accidental. Much can be done to prevent workplace injury, starting with safety-approved workwear and footwear.

    Mark’s Commercial is the direct-to-corporation wholesale arm of Mark’s. It’s a one-stop shop for outfitting Canadian worksites and a head-to-toe supplier of industrial workwear, footwear and safety gear.

    To make safety work for you, visit markscommercial.ca.


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