Ontario General Contractors Association sets up committee to encourage the use of technology in construction



By Kristen Frisa

The Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) has just announced the creation of a technology committee in order to improve technology for the construction industry.

The committee has a mandate to find improvements in productivity, software, offsite construction, artificial intelligence (AI), and other areas that can help improve implementation of technological innovations in the construction industry.

“The OGCA Technology committee will be primarily concerned with the communication of information and with assisting the OGCA leadership in its strategic decision-making process. We also hope to use this committee to highlight new and emerging technologies to OGCA members,” said Steven Crombie, government relations and policy for the OGCA.

OGCA says through technology the industry can build stronger, taller, and more efficient structures, as well as improving productivity and the ability to tackle complex projects.

That’s why it’s confusing that some companies are so slow to adopt new tech, the association says.

“There have been so many ground breaking technological advancements in our industry, but unfortunately there is still a large disparity between companies willingness to adopt to new technology,” Crombie says, and the hope is by presenting the options that can change. “Technological advancements have always driven construction forward,” he says.

There are already 21 members signed up to the new committee, including construction leaders, technology experts, and other industry stakeholders. “The response from those interested in joining the committee has been overwhelmingly positive,” Crombie says.




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