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Prestressed Systems started manufacturing precast 45 years ago. Today the second-generation owner Loris Collavino leads the company as its CEO.

In Ontario, recent projects include the Cooksville and Rutherford GO Station parking decks, Toronto South Detention Centre, and the Maple Leaf Foods poultry plant in London. The company’s initial focus was on the manufacture and installation of hollow-core floor and roof slabs for the Ontario and Michigan construction markets, but in June 2008, through its US Holding company, purchased the operating assets of an existing precast operation in River Rouge, Michigan, now known as International Precast Solutions LLC.

That gave PSI the capacity and ability to engineer, manufacture and install architectural precast components, additional structural precast production capacity and a major manufacturing plant located on the US side of the border. The two companies can now bid complete precast structures by combining products and cross-marketing each other’s products.

“Over the years, a strong and dedicated management team, with a combined average 25 years of precast experience, has been instrumental in growing these two companies, into a full-service structural & architectural precast operation known as The Prestressed Group,” Collavino said.

Now with a workforce of over three hundred employees and projects ranging from Quebec to Kentucky, and Ontario to New York, The Prestressed Group is a proven national leader in the manufacture of prestressed/precast concrete solutions. The management team, along with an experienced workforce, strive to exceed customer expectations on all projects.

While COVID-19 has postponed or cancelled some work, most projects are actually pushing for earlier than expected completion. Changes – such as separating crews into pods and scheduling material and supplies to be delivered to production areas at night have ensured safe worksites.

“The next 12 months look very questionable because many owners and developers are sitting on the fence waiting for a permanent solution for COVID to re-energize our economy,” Collavino said.

Ongoing investments in both facilities continue to position The Prestressed Group to be a market leader well into the future. Both manufacturing plants are certified by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. The Prestressed Group is subject to four annual quality audits by independent auditors to maintain its PCI and CPCI certification.

“Not only are we responsible for meeting industry quality standards – our goal is to exceed them. Our quality control department employs certified PCI and ACI technicians to ensure consistent, quality pieces we are proud to stand behind,” Collavino concluded.

“We have a proven track record as a “one-stop shop” complete precaster,” he said, noting that subs are not needed for differing precast components.”


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