Viewpoint: Returning to in-person events


By Chase

Recently, I had the pleasure to attend my sons high school football game and enjoy his first competitive game since December, 2019. For a few hours I forgot all about COVID-19 and things seemed like they were before. What recent moments have you experienced where things seemed normal?

Industry events that are actually in person are finally returning after past dates were switched to a virtual experience or cancelled. Two events I am looking forward to are the return of The Buildings Show in Toronto the first week of  December and the OGCA Symposium in 2022. For The Buildings Show, I am coordinating with a few of our clients to join us for a day at the show to network and catch up in person instead virtually.

I am also exploring attending at least one social networking event in our US markets in early 2022. Potential visits include stop in Chicago for The Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates Construction Expo and Safety Conference or in Florida with several events of interest tied to The Associated General Contractors  (AGC) of America with the Florida Chapter. Earlier this year it was frustrating to see how they were able to recover faster from COVID-19 and have in person events.

At most of the bigger construction events I have attended in the past five years, I was able to bring my wife and extend stays for a vacation. It was easy, considering our sons were older and could stay home for a weekend alone with her parents around the corner checking in.

Now with the arrival of our daughter Aubrey, these mini-vacations will be put on hold for a bit. It is nice that a reason I may miss an event now is due to family instead of COVID-19, another sign things are almost back to normal.

In the meantime, if your business is holding a grand opening event, golf tournament or other networking event, send me an email and we can provide coverage and if staff is available (if I can find a babysitter), we may even attend.

            Chase is the director of Marketing and Client Relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for Ontario Construction Report, the daily digital newspaper Ontario Construction News as well as several US magazines. You can reach him by phoning (905) 341-8686,  email  or visit  online at


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