Publishers Viewpoint April 2021


By Chase

That was the fastest Winter Season I have ever gone through! the last four months have passed by quickly between my wife being admitted to the hospital pregnant in mid-November and my daughter arriving December 3rd at 30 weeks. Since then, my days have been spent at either a hospital in Hamilton or St. Catharine’s visiting my daughter.

Work has been a little stressful at times but my wife has been a great support and with a flexible work schedule, things have gone pretty smoothly. Early mornings are spent posting the latest news to social media, setting up email campaigns for the rest of the day and through in some cross promotion business relationship development. Emails follow up to potential clients and a lot of one-handed typing on my cell phone to reply to others while my daughter sleeps on my chest.

Clients have been great to schedule meetings around my visiting schedule and in some cases make changes last minute when surprises pop up. The only hard part of all this has been trying to navigate COVID-19 and all the restrictions on visitation, our little girl has not met her four older brothers yet or any of her grandparents and other relatives. It is hard enough to manage daily life under these circumstances but some days seems to be overwhelming.

We are nearing the end of our stay as our daughter is making slow and steady progress as we near 4 months and I still see some of the parents I met early on who are at the 8, 10 and over a year in. I can not wait for more vaccines to arrive so life can truly return to normal and finally have a big party to celebrate our wedding last September and the arrival of our daughter.

It will be interesting to see if blended in-person and online events combine by the end of the year. How has your year gone so far from a work and personal life? Is your business gaining grown on success? Share your stories on your business is doing, community is coming together and what projects are you working on and I can provide free coverage not only in one of our magazines but our daily newspaper.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the Associate Publisher for the Ontario Construction Report, our daily digital newspaper Ontario Construction News as well as several US magazines. If you have any recommendations or suggestions on changes you would like to make for the publication, please contact him at 905-341-8686 by email  or visit us online at     


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