Publishers Viewpoint July 2022 By Chase


Summer has officially started in our household with the arrival of the sun and end of the school year. How are you enjoying the warmer weather? What plans do you have for your family and businesses or association this season? Share details on your work-related events and it can be featured in our daily newspaper. We can promote the events ahead of time or provide coverage afterwards.

Our home will be quieter with both boys done school until the Fall. They have started working full time this week for DeKorte’s Landscaping Ltd located in Fenwick. Our oldest is returning for his second year and our youngest was hired last week for his first season. I am looking forward to them gaining essential skills for everyday life and career options for the future. Our oldest is completing his second college diploma for Child/Youth Services to compliment his Police Foundations. Our youngest is working toward becoming a mechanic and has been offered an apprenticeship already.

I have been an advocate for all four of our sons to explore the trades, and so far three of them have gained experience from roofing, landscaping and commercial flooring. The pay difference between the trades and working retail/fast food was clear for them, often being able to work full time in the summer and take off the school year to focus on their classes. Now if I only can get my last son or daughter to take up plumbing and electrical, I will be set.

What careers or education are your children looking into and how many are considering skilled trades related to the construction industry? Has your company recently hired a young leader who deserves recognition? Contact me to feature them in an upcoming issues of the magazine or daily newspaper.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the Ontario Construction Report, Ottawa Construction News, our daily digital newspaper the Ontario Construction News as well as several US markets in Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, New York, North Carolina and California. You can reach him by phone at (905) 341-8686 or by email at


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