Publishers Viewpoint July 2024


By Chase

Happy Canada Day! I hope the start to your summer season has been great. After the initial heat wave, things cooled off a bit and I could enjoy the outdoors with my daughter. What big plans does your company have for summer projects and what are you and your family up to?

Here I am finishing up the skirting of the new porch and ramp we had installed in May for my daughter who is starting school in September. I have one more small transition piece to install in the house and she has barrier free access to getting to the bus on time each day.

In the next month when we have a dry week for weather, we (mostly my wife and youngest son Noah) will water seal the new structure and stain the reclaimed wood I used for the skirting. The wood was a threee-year-old fence made up of four seven-foot sections and another four in various sizes, all six feet tall, all mine for only $100 with delivery included.

As the weather permits this summer and my daughter naps, I will tackle installing some exterior wood, caulking and trim work on the porch to finish up the exterior on that project. Once the fall arrives and she is in school,I will tackle the interior of porch with insulation and paneling before the cold weather arrives.

Family plans right now involved some trips to the local independent baseball league games with the Welland Jackfish, day trips to Safari Niagara, the drive-in, swimming, a few concerts and exploring the region with my three-and-half-year-old daughter. With her being in a wheelchair, I now contact facilities or event organizers to confirm they are fully accessible to meet her needs to enjoy the events. So far, no hicups, but we will reserve final judgement until after we check out the venues and events.

If you are hosting a local family event in Niagara related to your construction company, we are happy to promote it ahead of time and if free attend to provide coverage. Send me an email to discuss next steps.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the Ontario Construction Report, the daily digital newspaper Ontario Construction News as well as several US magazines. You can reach him at (905) 341-8686, at email  or visit us online at


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