Publishers Viewpoint Nov 2023 By Chase


By Chase

Hope you had a wonderful October and Halloween! Winter is coming along with lots of snow, freezing rain, colder temperatures and layers of clothing to stay warm on the job sites. The push is on to get projects wrapped with exterior finishes for the focus of work to turn to interior construction. Until Winter arrives, the push is on to get as much as possible completed outside.

Construction heaters and building wraps are starting to go up across the province in preparation for Winter. For my last exterior project of the year at home, I am enclosing my porch, a 14 x 20-ft. space. Plywood and the vapor barrier were completed last week and now I am waiting for the arrival of my wood siding by the end of the week (Nov. 3).

Goal is to get it up and use the interior space as a staging area over the next four months for some projects to complete in my house, mostly replacing some doors and installing new ones to close off our laundry and utility rooms in the basement since I have a soon-to-be 3-year-old roaming all levels of the house looking to get into mischief.

How is your company preparing for the arrival of winter on your projects for both staff and the structures? What suppliers or sub-trades help you get your sites ready?

As the snow and freezing rain arrive it would be great to see photos of your projects and how staff continue to work towards substantial completion. Share your photos, and if they are selected to run in the daily newspaper or monthly magazine, I will send you a Tim Hortons gift card for some hot beverages and snacks.

Simply email your photos to along with your contact details and a description about where your project is located. You can also indicate the project’s general contractor, your company’s role, and when the project is slated for completion.

If you any questions please reach out to me.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the Ontario Construction Report and Ottawa Construction News, the daily digital newspaper Ontario Construction News and Canadian Design & Construction Report, as well as several US markets such as California, New York, Florida, North Carolina and Chicago. You can reach him by email at or by phone at (905) 341-8686.


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