Regal Tent innovates with temporary construction site structures


Regal Tent Productions has been providing temporary structures to the construction and event industries for more than 30 years. Today, the company’s services include enclosures as big as 200 ft. wide that can be used for seasonal weather protection.

Project manager Kelley Lewis says Regal began supplying small tents to the event rental industry and, as the business grew, continued to add larger tents to its inventory.

Now Regal offers a full range of structures that can be heated to ensure a temperature controlled environment for any purpose. “Our structures have housed archeological digs, gala dinners, concrete foundation pours, convocations, corporate events, and building sites,” she said.

Lewis says Regal has always been an innovator and a creative problem solver. “We are also working to educate those in the industry about how our products and services have helped others save money and time, and how putting up a temporary structure over your build site eliminates weather delays and can directly impact the bottom line of any construction project.”

Regal carries one of Canada’s largest inventories of clearspan structures with the ability to erect structures up to 60 m wide, more than 200m long and with leg heights of up to 7.5m long, Lewis says. “Regal is also the only Canadian supplier of a double-decker structure. We have manufacturing capabilities in-house which allow us to customize and create solutions for our customers that others can’t.”

She says her team has the experience and capability to erect a structure on an aircraft carrier, overtop of an underground parking lot, and even over massive ground openings. There is a focus on pre-planning and logistics and knowing each project’s full scope.

“The time and effort put into the planning stage of a project directly correlates with that project’s overall success,” she said. “Our sales people are also dedicated project managers. We walk through the process with our clients and by doing so we not only ensure that we are providing the best products and services for their specific needs but we identify and address the challenges that come along the way, before they become problematic.”

“This builds a level of trust which is important to us. Strong and longstanding customer relationships are a priority to us and we feel this process provides a great foundation for building that type of relationship.”

Although the company’s location near Toronto means the team has supported many projects in southern Ontario, Lewis says Regal has worked throughout North American and into the Caribbean as well.

Regal employs many workers who have been with the company for decades. “We are able to take on the types of projects we do because of the unique and complementary strengths and skills of our team. We all have a vested interest in each and every project and strive to work together to meet the needs of our clients.”

Regal recently received the Canadian Special Event’s Outstanding Logistical Achievement Award for erecting a 426 ft. long temporary structure along Yorkville Ave. in downtown Toronto for Toronto Fashion Week.

Lewis says that signing on to work with DataBid helps her team stay on top of what’s going on in the industry and allows them to focus in on the types of projects and businesses that could benefit from Regal’s products and services. For more information on Regal Tent, visit

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