Singleton Reynolds expands to Toronto with two high-profile construction lawyers

singleton reynolds website
The Singleton Reynolds website

Singleton Reynolds, a Vancouver-based law firm that specializes in construction, real estate, and infrastructure law, is expanding its operations to Toronto under a new name to reflect the addition of two high-profile lawyers.

According to a report published Jan. 16, it will launch in the new location as Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP after the team members namely Bruce Reynolds, Sharon Vogel, Peter Wardle, and James Little.

Sharon Vogel
Sharon Vogel

The firm’s Toronto office, located in the Sun Life Plaza at 150 King St. W., is not a part of any long-term plan. It builds on strong client demand, as well as Singleton Reynold’s continuum of growth when it was established 37 years ago.

“The fit was so perfect,” said Singleton. “Historically, I’ve done a lot of business in Toronto and Ottawa and I broached the idea with clients before it was given birth to and they thought it was a great idea and said let us know when your doors open. We’ve done that and the clients have come knocking.”

Bruce Reynolds
Bruce Reynolds

Vogel and Reynolds were the lawyers who pushed for the amendment of Ontario’s Construction Lien Act. The two served as co-counsel for the Government of Ontario to conduct an independent review of the policies. They were also included in the list of Canadian Lawyer’s Top Most Influential Lawyers of 2017.

Singleton Reynolds currently has 55 lawyers in employment. This number is expected to increase to 70 by the end of 2018.


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