DataBid client profile: Alegna Security Services Inc. provides residential and commercial security services

databid client profile

Brampton based Alegna Security Services Inc. provides a wide range of security services to clients in the GTA and Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville regions.

Alegna’s services include mobile patrol, residential and event services. The company also provides commercial and industrial services designed to meet a site’s specific security challenges. The company’s website says these services include securing “properties, assets and tenants from theft, vandalism, and personal injury” including preventing unauthorized access to a site, and maintaining fire watches if needed.

Building security services can include access control, visitor screening and ground monitoring including parking areas.

President and CEO Tom Marino says his team takes pride in its customer service excellence. “We cater to customer requests and customize the work detail to meet their needs.”

During the construction of the tunnel at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA), Marino helped provide security at the airport. The firm has also provided security for many preconstruction sales events for condominium and single family homes, he says.

“Alegna Security Services was created to provide the kind of customer service that our clients will be proud of. In most security companies there is a detachment between the executives and the customers and field staff. I am hands on and get personally involved in every project to ensure that everything progresses seamlessly.”

The company’s website lists its missions as including quick response, the latest technology to support its operations, accountability, and a commitment to developing new practices and operational guidelines to ensure its services meet the changing demands of the industry.

The company recently signed on with DataBid and will use the service’s project search functions to find projects it can serve from the earliest stages. For more information, visit


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