DataBid client profile: Verto360 — Designing, building and finishing sustainable interiors


    Verto360 has evolved and adapted to meet the challenges of the market and its clients’ needs through the past three decades. Today it is a key project partner, helping building owners design, build and furnish sustainable interiors.

    President  says the company started in 1982, working with general contractors and clients on interior build outs and providing products such as furniture, commercial carpet tile, wall and window coverings. Working with large institutions including school boards, government and health care facilities, the company found a strength and niche in its ability to solve problems.

    “For example in 1995 it was the ergonomic challenge that came when Microsoft launched the Windows operating system and virtually everyone had to adapt to using a mouse almost overnight.”

    The next significant challenge Lutowicz recognized was even broader in scope: the way construction challenges created budget and scheduling challenges that almost always impacted furniture and finishing budgets as well as the on time completion of projects.

    “We began looking for ways to improve the process, and came across a software that allowed us to engage the client at the earliest stages of project development in a way that is meaningful to them. The ability to show them their space in a virtual reality that they can visualize, understand and interact with.”

    Verto360 has also evolved into a team of experts including designers, project and construction managers who provide a full service to create the kind of turnkey solution building owners want and need.

    The result, the Verto Approach, is designed to improve client satisfaction, save time and money by ensuring interior solutions are built as designed, on budget and on schedule. “We get involved from the earliest design stages and stay involved throughout the life of a project and when we tell a client we can build it out by a certain date and at a set price, we stick to that.”

    Lutowicz says early involvement and planning are key in ensuring the client’s long term investment. “Buildings are intended to last 40 years or more but technology will change at least four times over during that time. Having an adaptable technology platform that can adapt to meet these changing needs is critical.”

    While much of the company’s work has been focused in southwestern Ontario, Lutowicz says the company’s boundaries are defined by its relationships. Verto360 for instance has been involved with Best Buy Canada as part of its overhaul of stores to make them more technology and Internet accessible.

    “We will go anywhere our clients need us to be. We do not overextend ourselves however, and are focused on careful and strategic growth to ensure we can continue to provide our clients with the high level of service they have come to expect.”

    Verto360 began using DataBid in the fall of 2015. Lutowicz says DataBid’s service allows him to access project information early so the company can be a more active project partner. He says he has found the DataBid option to be more responsive and easier to use than other services he has tried.

    For more information on Verto360, visit


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