Early planning contributes to Salus Clementine’s success


    STAFF WRITER – The Ottawa Construction News Special Feature

    Salus Clementine is not simply a “passive solar” building, although it optimizes passive solar space heating without overheating. It’s also not a net-zero energy building, although its smaller energy footprint makes adding renewables for future carbon neutrality much easier. It costs more to build, but is superior to standard construction on both a cost of ownership and smart investment / resale basis. This building is demonstrably more resilient, durable and sustainable.

    Residents will enjoy fresh, clean air and comfortable temperatures year-round, while the building owner enjoys a huge reduction in energy costs. Other measures such as water savings and environmentally-preferable materials round out this project’s “green” credentials.

    The decision to target both Passive House and LEED Platinum Certifications needed to be made at the earliest planning stages. Homesol Building Solution’s initial participation gave the project team the confidence they needed to commit to designing and building to such high standards.

    From the first design charrette through preliminary modeling to pre-construction feasibility analysis, Homesol’s consultants determined that not only were these sustainability and energy targets achievable, they could also be cost-effective if properly implemented.

    We’d like to extend our congratulations and admiration to Lisa ker, anthony Leaning, Sonia Zouari and the entire Salus Clementine project team, your commitment, expertise and passion are simply amazing. We’re proud to have played a small part in your leading-edge project’s success.


    Ross Elliott and Stephen Magneron are certified Passive House Consultants with Homesol Building Solutions Inc.



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