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What truly separates Niagara Region-based smart security system provider Force Security Inc. from the competition is the bond the family-owned business has with each individual customer.

“What sets us apart is access,” says founder Mark Kaine. “By access we mean that we are accessible to you. Not just monitoring but calls for service and information.”

Even though Force Security provides protection for thousands of customers ranging from cottage owners to major grocery chains and hazardous materials facilities, its key people, all family members, are a quick phone call away. Each customer has the owner’s personal cell phone number, Kaine adds, noting the Force Security offers free consultation to tailor services to match specific needs and budgets.

Insured and bonded with technicians who have all passed police background checks, the company has served St. Catharines, the Niagara Region and southern Ontario including the GTA for more than 35 years. It offers a full range of affordable products and services using the most innovative security system strategies and technologies for a growing client list that includes more than 5,000 home, commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Positively reviewed online with many five-star ratings, Force Security is a repeat readers’ choice award winner and a provider of advanced intrusion alarm, access control and security video surveillance camera products and services. It is uniquely situated to offer electronic security to modest-sized homes, to extensive industrial complexes and for municipal applications from city hall to remote pumping or treatment facilities.

The company offers full-service smart security systems including a top tier monitoring alarm that provides protection 24/7, notifying emergency responders the second there is a break in. Strobing red and blue led lights can activate manually or automatically on a mobile device when a vehicle or person has entered a controlled area. White led light offers the clearest video recording in the lowest light conditions while still providing full colour recording that is especially useful for evidence gathering.

Force Security cameras record everything happening inside and outside of premises while remote control features can lock all doors and adjust lighting from anywhere with a tap of a device button.

The cameras perform a wide range of functions including early detection of an individual on or around a property, with images appearing on the screen of a home computer or mobile device.

The camera system differentiates between animal, person or vehicle and then follows a predetermined set of actions which can include activation of pre-recorded digital messages, direct voice communication with an intruder – or to provide instructions for a delivery.

In today’s environment where advancements in intrusion detection have all but eliminated false alarms and expanded the variety of applicable detection devices, Force Security’s modern monitoring facility exceeds expectations with quick and clear communication and customized responses.

Force Security is clearly about far more than installing, monitoring and servicing alarm systems and security cameras. Its technology can detect fire and water damage, sense high water levels, low temperature due to furnace breakdown and provide notification in the event of failure of refrigeration equipment.

Its systems provide notifications and control through a smartphone, sound alarms any time windows or doors are opened and link to emergency response on the company’s app. Add-on features such as smoke monitoring make Force Security proactive while still offering protection for natural disasters like flooding, fires, loss of power, or even burglary or theft before it happens.

Force Security is also a certified fire monitoring provider meeting the requirements for very large facilities, hotels, hospitals and industrial sites as required by fire regulations for locations that have sprinkler systems.

Force Security, one of the few ULC-S561 approved security companies in the Niagara Region, provides fire protection far superior  to  a battery-operated smoke detector.

The company is among the leading providers of fire monitoring services, the process of detecting and responding to a fire before it causes serious damage or injury. Fire monitoring systems can detect smoke, heat, and other signs of a fire, and then alert the appropriate personnel who can respond and act.

Fire monitoring systems are designed to detect and respond to fires before they become a major threat since the earlier a fire is detected the more time responders have to evacuate people and prevent further damage.

For business owners, fire monitoring is especially important. Not only can a fire cause serious damage and injury, but the resulting downtime and repairs can be extremely costly.

Force Security is a leader in fire monitoring systems, offering a variety of products and services, including fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and fire suppression systems. Their products are designed to be reliable and easy to use, and they provide 24-hour monitoring and support.

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